Thursday, July 20, 2017

Welcome to Image Practice, Fall 2017

We'll use this website, along with other resources, to document class activities and upcoming events and assignments.

For our next class, we'll discuss a writing by scholar W.J.T. Mitchell on the "problem" of words and images.
Mitchell questions the commonsensical ease with which images and language are considered different. He gives some common justifications for this and follows with examples that attempt to dispel, or at least make less certain, the divide between the two.

1) Bring in your picture of a landscape (should be a "found" picture - NOT be a picture you made using a camera)
2) Create your tumblr and make your first post in response to the Mitchell reading and Curtis film: After reading the Mitchell article, how would you describe the relationship between words and image in the Adam Curtis video "It Felt Like a Kiss"? Your post should be 4-5 sentences, and can include questions you have about the reading as well as direct answers to the question above.
Send me a link to your Tumblr.


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