Wednesday, September 13, 2017

For Tuesday, September 18

A couple of things:
a) Reading
 Read Erol Morris's "What's in a Name?" (This is part 2 of a 3-part series. You only need to read this part). Post a response to Tumblr.* Specifically, I'd like everyone to consider the role that different kinds of images play in constructing an identity. Morris gives us a brief story of four ways that identities have been historically constructed as verifiable: What are they? How are they "attached" to people?
What other ways can you think of in your own daily lives where your identity is verified by such systematic mechanisms? How is it verified and where does the information used come from?

* Some notes on reading responses:
• What counts as a valid reading response?

Primarily, your responses should make it clear that you've actually read the text. Do not simply write about a subject that seems to be related to the text, without referring to the text itself in some way.
• What should you do if you don't understand something discussed in a required reading (for any number of reasons)? What if there are references to art history (or any history), for example, that you are unfamiliar with?
There is no expectation that everyone has previously studied any particular subject. While some things may be common knowledge to some in the class, those same things may be completely new to others. What is expected is that you give it your best attempt - that you try to interpret the readings with the knowledge and experiences you have. Asking questions in your reading responses, and in class, is highly encouraged. Thoughtful questions are always useful.

Monday, September 11, 2017

For Wednesday, September 13

To complete Project 1 "Pioneering Images" you should have the following:

1) High quality archive:
A) Archive the larger image files on your USB hard drive or cloud storage.
B) A text file (.docx, .rtf, .txt, .pdf) containing the reference/meta-data for your images.
C) Put all of this in a folder titled Proj1_lastName (where lastName is your last name) and compress into a .zip file (in Mac OS, select the folder and control-click. Select "Compress Proj1_lastName")
D) Upload the zip file here:

2) Tumblr posts
A) For images larger than 1400 pixels (in the largest dimension), downsize (in Photoshop, Preview or other editing software) to 1400 pixels.
B) For each image, post the reference/meta-data information as a caption.
C) Images can be posted in groups or as individual posts. As long as we can access every image and the corresponding caption.

Wednesday, August 30, 2017

For Wednesday, September 6

(image sent with Voyager space probe's "Golden Records", 1977)
What you need to do before class:
1) Post a response (to your tumblr) to the two readings (by Trevor Paglen and Erol Morris). One possible thing to consider: Morris concludes "photographs are neither true nor false in and of themselves," while Paglen asserts that "all images are like cave paintings" in that "they can't explain or narrate much of anything at all." Both authors, however, make and work with images for a living. What do you think of this duality - that images are simultaneously powerful and powerless things?
* See some more of the pictures selected by Paglen and the research team for Last Pictures. I'll bring the book again on Monday for anyone who wants to see more.

Thursday, July 20, 2017

Welcome to Image Practice, Fall 2017

We'll use this website, along with other resources, to document class activities and upcoming events and assignments.

For our next class, we'll discuss a writing by scholar W.J.T. Mitchell on the "problem" of words and images.
Mitchell questions the commonsensical ease with which images and language are considered different. He gives some common justifications for this and follows with examples that attempt to dispel, or at least make less certain, the divide between the two.

1) Bring in your picture of a landscape (should be a "found" picture - NOT be a picture you made using a camera)
2) Create your tumblr and make your first post in response to the Mitchell reading and Curtis film: After reading the Mitchell article, how would you describe the relationship between words and image in the Adam Curtis video "It Felt Like a Kiss"? Your post should be 4-5 sentences, and can include questions you have about the reading as well as direct answers to the question above.
Send me a link to your Tumblr.


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